Are you ready to deepen into the present moment

Are you ready to no longer believe to your inner critic?

Are you ready to serve others consciously with your business?

Are you ready to gain clarity about your life and business?

Are you ready to let go of your limiting beliefs?

Are you ready to clear money fears?

What do I do?

I hold a deep, loving, non-judgmental space for you and with that:

I guide you to your true essence.

I guide you to your wisdom, inner power and intuition.

I guide you to accomplish all of your personal and business goals/ideas.

I guide you to follow the path you feel called to take. 

I guide you to embody the powerful state of abundance.

After the coaching program:

You will have a regular mindfulness practice.

You will be fully in touch with your inner wisdom.

You will create consciously with love and presence.

You will transform your limiting beliefs.

You will clear stuck emotions.

You will allow yourself to shine beautifully without being worried about what others will think.

You will allow yourself to give and receive with ease.

What DO I offer?

I offer 3 x 90 minutes video calls per month with ongoing support in between the sessions for 4 weeks. 

I create a personalised program for you depending on your needs. Even though we have a structure for the coaching sessions, I would like to say that every session is unique and we always talk about what you want us to cover during the session. It is an open and intuitive space we always address whatever is coming up for you. Sessions are deeply healing and transformative. 

The price for a month is 420 euros or 500 dollars. There is an option to pay in instalments if you need.

You can choose how many months you wish to be supported by me, one-month cooperation is minimum. 

Do you have any questions? Is this really for you?

Loving note:  I only take on clients I resonate with and when I feel my coaching is the right support for them.

Simona is an amazing coach. She helped me how to be more in present moment, to listen my intuition and follow my heart. At first, I felt really disconnected, lost in my life but with her help, I have found step by step myself. What I love the most, is that she is so extremely unique, smart, knowledgeable, and she is just great at what she does. She is someone who truly wants to help women in their way. 

I recommend her to everyone who is ready to see more clearly and make big shifts in life.



I am Marianna, I am a horticulturist, a permaculture designer and a plant terrarium maker. I am a woman entrepreneur who wants to make a living by doing what she loves the most. I met Simona at the point when I doubted I could really make it or better said my inner critic was so loud I couldn’t hear my own heart beating. I knew I needed help to get out from this vicious cycle so I immediately booked 6 sessions with Simona. Within a month I have done so much work I wasn’t able to do in a year’s time! I’ve set my boundaries with people who drowned my energies, I moved my office and studio to an amazing location where an inspiration comes from all directions, I started to get visible on social media which I dreaded the most, I started to ask for THE Money I truly deserve for my unique services, I realized that the fear I felt before got transformed to pure joy, I got new clients coming directly to me for the first time, I launched an online forum, soon I will be launching my branding and a new website,… Any of it I wouldn’t be able to do if I listened to my old inner critic. I am so proud of myself and massively grateful to Simona for coaching me through this process. Her program is very special, it comes from her heart and needs to be listened to by another heart. <3 


Horticulturist, a permaculture designer and a plant terrarium maker

Simona and her support helped me in really hard times. I felt like a victim of my ego, I was stuck and incapable to make decisions about my business or relationship. With everyday mindfulness practise, I started to feel more peaceful and ego dramas were not so stressful. After a few sessions, I was able to see my traumas from childhood and started to heal them. And this was a really powerful moment. Two years I was searching for answers why I feel like that and why I can move forward. Simona helped me during 4 sessions so much. I´m so grateful. 



Thank you Simona, for being present for me and with me, and being present during my transitional journey from a regular job to my entrepreneurial work!

I felt very connected and open with Simona when she first reached out to me. As I suspected, she is very sweet, warm, loving and very intuitive. She has helped me get unstuck through a couple of issues I had that I never shared with anyone else.

I enjoyed every bit of the session, we had plenty of space and time to focus on my issues and how to ‘solve the puzzle’. She also provides great suggestions of activity or idea to implement after the session, which has helped me. When I was facing a challenging situation at work one time and felt hurt at work, I remembered Simona’s words which are true: her words helped my mind redirect myself into my very own Presence and Power, so I can be detached from the hurt and have time later to just care and love myself!

Sometimes when life seems like a puzzle, it is great to have a partner help you with that puzzle. Simona is wonderful for that and she will solve your puzzle!
Thank you Simona for all you do, and will continue to do for the rest of the world <3


Mindful Movement Coach