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Welcome Mindful Goddess! 

My name is Simona and  I am a mindfulness coach.

I help highly empathic women entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, who have a tyrannical inner critic, to liberate from the ego using mindfulness.

Liberation from the ego simply means to no longer be enslaved to the confining mind & to break free from limiting beliefs. How would it feel if the pain and fears from your past and worries about the future are no longer controlling your life?

How would it feel to live life without judgement?

How would it feel to consciously create and serve the world without any resistance or feeling “I am not good enough.”

Can you imagine that? You can because all of this transformation you yearn for is already within you and I can support you to deepen into the eternal part of you which cannot cease.

When we commit to living in the now, life is no longer a struggle.

Mindfulness is so simple but yet so hard to do. To establish a regular practice is essential.

When we are deeply present there is nothing to fix. There is no story. There is no past or future, it is just this moment.

 I suffered deep trauma as a child, which affected me on many levels. The worst thing was that what was happening to me for years I thought was normal.

When my behaviour changed and I started to be extremely self-destructive, fearful and could no longer enjoy life, I started to be depressed and saw no point of living at all.

I could not talk about it because I never felt truly safe around anyone or believed that someone would truly care about me. I was suppressing my emotions and pretending to be something that people would like. 

Authenticity felt scary, I was worried that I would get hurt both physically and mentally.For many years I believed that something is inherently wrong with me.

Limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” and  “I am a failure”, were leading my life.

I was stopping myself from achieving, creating, enjoying.

15 years ago my spiritual journey started and it helped me a lot, yes, however, I was still very identified with my pain and story.

Flashbacks from my past pain were still triggered in many situations which would overpower me. 

The tremendous transformation which has been long-lasting started only when I committed to living in the present moment with regular mindfulness practice and to stop identifying with my story, trauma, pain.

I had to make a conscious decision to stop believing the ego, my own and that of others. It was a deep process of releasing, letting go, accepting, not judging and allowing. The process of liberation from the prison of my mind.

My anxiety was slowly decreasing until it was completely gone. I was able to enjoy every moment of life and I finally allowed myself to thrive in my purpose.

Of course, life is happening and is not always easy, but a mindful attitude helps to address any situation from a completely different perspective. If there is something within which needs to be cleared, it will be triggered but you will know how to support yourself without judgment and allow yourself to live fully.

Do you want to bring awareness to your limiting beliefs so they no longer have any power over you and to deepen into the present moment?  

I would be honoured to support you with a complimentary 30 minutes intensive session.


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